Sonya Brewer

President/ National Recruiting Manager

Sonya began her career in recruiting as a Recruiting Consultant with Enron and then Project Recruiting Manager. After the fall of Enron, she followed her father’s advise and got into Finance, as he is a Commercial Real Estate Broker.

Beginning as a processor, a junior Underwriter and a Multi-Million Dollar Branch Manager for a Houston Area Broker.  After the Mortgage Crisis in 2008; she then was left with WHAT TO DO…. She took the two things she learned and embarked on developing the most effective Recruiting firm that was educated on the Mortgage Industry and called all her colleagues looking for a role and asked them to take a chance with her!  And since 2010 it has been quite a ride.

The Mortgage Recruiter prides themselves on their service and commitment to their clients and it all stems from Sonya.  Successful Sales Leadership. True Grit. Direct & Honest. Never Give Up Attitude. These are Sonya’s greatest traits.


Amanda Rutherford
Senior Recruiting Manager

Amanda began her career in the mortgage industry as a processor with CEBI Capital. She was Sonya’s personal processor for a total of 5yrs; which, was demanding. Once the Mortgage Crisis hit; Amanda found herself not knowing what to do next. She got a phone call and she was ready and willing to work with Sonya and she has played a huge role in the success of The Mortgage Recruiter. Her ability to find the candidates for our clients and even that are not evening wanting to make a move is uncanny. Her professionalism is exceptional, and her talent is extraordinary

Chasity Hanna
Recruiting Manager

Chasity began her career of all places, the US Postal Service. She began as Sonya’s personal assistant at
The Mortgage Recruiter in 2012. She quickly became a team asset from the very beginning working her way through and learning everything there is to know about recruiting and doing it successfully. She has learned through experience the in and outs of the industry and also the traits of hard core recruiting through cold calling, extensive social media and technology skills are her forte. Her dedication to the teams and the success of everyone in the office is her strongest character strength.